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Hi everyone one – my name is Jennie and I’m an Adaptive Fitness & Confidence Coach. I know what you are asking… what does that mean? Well, I work with an amazing group of individuals who want to ditch negative self-talk, rebuild confidence, and regain personal power. Being born with a visual impairment, I never… read more

Sleep your way to health

Sleep and your blood sugar levels Blood sugar levels, I mean what is the big deal anyway? For some of you health geeks out there who want to know the details, according to Dave Asprey (whom you will hear me quote a lot!) Chronic high blood sugar will eventually lead to diabetes. Who the hell… read more

Stay Healthy

People who want to be healthy , who wants to bring changes in their life after going through lose and crisis. Some people need support to move forward. I am here as a coach to help you through this process.

December to Remember

I did it! You can too! The choice to have myself become a health and life coach is something everyone should reflect on. To learn about yourself in the deepest areas and to create light when their is a shadow is something I look forward to exploring!


I am so very honored and thankful, that I will be able to help others reach their goals. With the training I received through HCI, I feel as though I will truly be able to help others over come obstacles. #blessed!

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