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If You Don’t Pay for Your Health, You’ll Pay for Your Illness

by Bobbi Dust

Life is full of decisions, but choosing between your health and an illness shouldn’t be one of them. Here’s the thing: if you don’t pay for your health, you’ll pay for your illness. It’s just that simple.

I hear people all the time say that eating healthy is expensive. My mom always says that a burger is going to keep her fuller longer than an apple. While healthy food is more expensive than processed, it’s way cheaper than visits to the doctor and prescription drugs to battle a weight-related illness. Oh, and by the way, if you pair an apple with cheese, yogurt or nuts, you’ll stay fuller longer.

Learning how to eat is the first step to getting healthy. Yes, I said learning how to eat. You know how to feed yourself, but learning how to eat is different. When I first began my journey, I had to learn how to eat because I clearly didn’t know. You don’t get to almost 300 pounds if you know how to eat.

It’s time to learn about nutrients, pairing foods, and serving sizes. Educating yourself on these will help you learn to nourish your body and achieve your health goals. Protein and fiber are your friends – they help keep you fuller longer while giving your body the nutrients it needs. Pairing foods, like an apple with string cheese or an apple with almond butter, will keep your meals fun and delicious while nourishing your body. And, serving sizes must be followed! Until you get a firm grasp of serving sizes, don’t be afraid to measure your food.

Don’t think you can afford to eat healthy? Compare the cost of that to the cost of medical appointments and medications. When I was at my heaviest, I was paying for blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, diabetes medication and test strips and lancets. I don’t need to tell you what I was spending every month for those.

When it came down to it, I was spending more per month on medications than I was on healthy food. I actually kept receipts and added everything up. That made me realize that eating healthy wasn’t as expensive as I thought.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend my money on food than medications.

  1. lcgaceta@gmail.com

    Hi Bobby,
    I agree with your assestment that if your not paying attention to your health, it will get your attention later down the road in life. The absorbant costs of medical procedures in the United States has been steadily on the rise for decades. According to Amadeo, “government policy and lifestyle changes are the two leading factors” (The Rising Cost of Health Care by Year and Its Causes See for Yourself If Obamacare Increased Health Care Costs, June 2019). I personally learned this leason first hand by ignoring subtle aches and pains for months and years; spending large sums of money for medical operations and followon medications. If I could do it all over again, I would wished that I had learned mindfulness and proper self care at an earlier age. This is a subject raely touched upon in the United States educational system and military.