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Tired of being tired?

Tired of being tired? Need a new way, a new plan, habits and ways of being to get your energy back. And finally do what you love to do? Contact me today


Changing habits one week at a time! Our current quality of life is directly equal to the quality of habits we have In this program we work together to create your ideal life! Night time routine, wake up routine, optimal foods for your greatest amount of energy, mindsets changes, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques etc All… read more

Human being or Human doing

Human being and Human Doing Human Doing Are you always rushing to get things done? Are you always try to stay ahead of the game? Are you always thinking? Thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, 5 minutes from? Are you always trying to force an outcome? Human Being Are you in tune with your feelings? Are you… read more

Stress out! Stress no more

Stress is just the mind trying to figure everything out on its own. Relax, the universe has got your back, people have your back. You don’t have to figure out everything on your own

22 too Many

Four years ago, I lost a friend and shipmate by suicide. His death took many by surprise as he became a part of an unfortunate statistic within the military. Throughout my own time in the military, I had struggled to find balance with my career and personal life; often putting my own needs and self… read more

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