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22 too Many

by Nicole Smith

Four years ago, I lost a friend and shipmate by suicide. His death took many by surprise as he became a part of an unfortunate statistic within the military.

Throughout my own time in the military, I had struggled to find balance with my career and personal life; often putting my own needs and self care last, which led to depression and anxiety attacks.

For years, I hid it from both my family and my coworkers for years, but inside I felt so alone.

It was just two months before the loss of my friend that I suffered a major panic attack. Only this one was different. I had someone see through me and into all I was trying to hide. They reminded me that if I was ever really going to be the strong leader, wife, parent and friend that I was pretending to be that I first needed to be that person for myself.

So I Did. I began…
Eating right – for me
Wiring out – for me.
Going to church – for me.
Reading inspiring books – for me.
Working with a life coach – for me.
I got strong for no one else – but me.

These were the things I needed in order to take back control and become the best version of me I could possibly be.

And guess what?

… when I did all that for myself, all those other things I was trying to be for everyone else just naturally happened and it no longer felt forced or draining, because they now got the best of me.

This is where Navigate Your Freedom was born and why I became a certified life coach. I am passionate about the working with women who are burnt out from the military lifestyle to become just as committed to themselves as they are their families and country.

My goal is to provide our military with a holistic approach to refuel and recharge themselves before life gets to hard… Because 22 soldiers a day is 22 too many!