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3 Steps to Creating a Life of Abundance & Overflow

by Rebecca Cretella

Abundance and overflow are two words that have caught my attention lately. They’ve been continually popping up in random places.

In a society that is constantly running on empty, the idea of having more than enough seems so foreign…yet, so alluring.

The mere proposition of not just “scraping by” or barely keeping our heads above water, but actually having a surplus of time, money, energy…is it possible?

I say wholeheartedly, “YES!”

But…it takes work and discipline.

Not the kind of stressful, hectic, neverending work we’ve grown so accustomed to, though.

This kind of work is different; in fact, it may even seem counterintuitive.

Instead of racing faster and faster – aiming for maximum efficiency and highest capacity – to achieve abundance and overflow, we must work at slowing down.

We must cultivate the discipline of rest.

The abundance and overflow we seek doesn’t come from more meetings and more to-do lists. It manifests from more connection, more joy, more peace, more downtime, more clarity – none of which can happen while hurriedly guzzling your fourth cup of coffee, sprinting to and from meetings, scrawling random ideas on fast food napkins, and never pausing to look around or take stock of what you’ve created: an empty existence lacking anything of real value.


Slow down.


Here are 3 ways I’ve found to be helpful in stopping the out-of-control spin cycle and creating a life with more overflow:

Purposefully set aside a quiet moment to redefine what you believe to be truly worth chasing after. What are the most important priorities in your life? Does your schedule reflect these priorities? Now set about redirecting your efforts, if necessary, so that you’re using your time and energy most wisely.

Get back in touch with your senses. All 5 of them. Life is demanding and can get extremely hectic at times, which is where we tend to lose sight of abundance and overflow.

Our senses can be very powerful tools in helping us slow down. Notice your surroundings:

What smells do you smell?
What colors or patterns do you see?
How many different sounds can you count?
If you’re eating, can you distinguish different spices or flavors?
How does your body feel in its current position?

Getting back in touch with your senses will bring you back to the present.

We tend to spend a lot of time planning for the future and analyzing the past. Coming back to the present will help you gain more clarity around what’s most important and where you want to be placing your attention.

Cultivating relationships is a great way to slow down because it takes time and energy.

In reality, most things we do take some measure of time and energy, but the question is:

Are they worthwhile ventures?

Connecting with people and building relationships is vital to fulfilling our need for love and belonging. Having a support system is one of the main elements that will create a more joyful, abundant life.

Practice cultivating habits around planning, noticing, and connecting and you will find more clarity and perspective about what’s most important to you…making way for abundance and overflow to follow.

Creating an abundant life requires effort and purpose – but there’s so much abundance and overflow awaiting you if you change your habits to allow you to slow down and receive.