Human being or Human doing | Health Coach Match

Human being or Human doing

by alexander John

Human being and Human Doing

Human Doing

Are you always rushing to get things done?

Are you always try to stay ahead of the game?

Are you always thinking?

Thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, 5 minutes from?

Are you always trying to force an outcome?

Human Being

Are you in tune with your feelings?

Are you taking time to sense your environment?

Are you taking time with your emotions?

Are you showing others and yourself compassion?

Are you always, not doing anything? Just relaxing for things to get done

Human being and Human doing

There is no better side to be in, than doing who you are being, and being what you are doing. This is the key, as relaxation is only as good as you are active

Do you need to balance these two out? Lets get into a powerful coaching conversation and see how this can be a possibility for you