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Hello everyone - My name is Jennie and this is a little about me! Im a Wife / Cyclist / Hiker / Traveler / Goldendoodle Mom / Social Media Guru / Hot Rod Owner / National Park Explorer / Apple Product Junkie / Oakley Sunglasses Wearer / Can Never Find Pants Long Enough / Disney Park Enthusiast / Entrepreneur / Digital Nomad / Athlete who is Visually Impaired I learned from my dad that "You never fail, you created an outcome that you didn't like." Such a wise dude, right? My mom taught me to be true to authentic myself. But I learned, nothing is easy. As a strong 6'3" female athlete, there was one thing that I learned to overcome – my visual impairment. I was born with Posterior Staphyloma (myopic axial elongation) or thinning of the sclera causing an irregular retina. I have extreme nearsightedness in my right eye, even with medical treatments and glass, was unable to help. I am a left eye dominant (with corrective lenses) and my right eye is my “pretty eye.” As an adult, I LOVE that I'm different from everyone else. I own my height, my strength, my crazy curly hair, and my spunky personality! But owning my visual impairment took years. Working 17 years in Health Care as a group therapist and individual counselor, I learned many amazing skills on how to embrace challenging situations. For every problem there is always a solution - my goal is to help you find the best way to get there! Fitness and wellness have always been a huge part of my life. From playing basketball (yes, because I was tall), softball and volleyball - my sport landed up being volleyball. I had the amazing opportunity to play volleyball for Larry Bock at Juniata College (check them out sometime). After college and a few post volleyball injuries later, I fell in love with cycling. My passion today is distance cycling and a proud member of Team SKF. Our team goal is to raise money for charities - the feeling to give back is amazing! Outdoor adventure is my jam! George and I are quite the team and we love to hike some crazy adventures together. You will see in many of our pictures the most beautiful landscapes our world gives us. Fitness doesn't have to be in a gym - my fitness is about roaming the world on my feet or wheels! As an Adaptive Fitness & Confidence Coach, I help individuals ditch negative self-talk, rebuild confidence and regain personal power. My specialty is working with clients who live an adaptive lifestyle no matter what their Impairment. Yes, it sounds simple - but honestly, the most difficult thing is embracing your authentic self. Are you ready to workout your mental fitness? My coaching style is authentic, engaging with lots of laughter and fun. You will have the opportunity to work individually or in group settings. Coaching is always conducted in a safe environment without feeling judged or pressured. Together we will create new habits, develop a positive mindset around your goals, and boost your confidence! Be Confident, Stand Tall, Enjoy the Adventure! ~Jennie Adaptive Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, AIT / CLC / CHC / CNWS





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