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I am a born and raised California girl currently stationed on the Coast of Virginia. I am a proud Coastie wife, mom, foodie and ocean lover! I am also a Military Veteran turned Life Coach and Mental Wellness Advocate, who recently retired after 20 years of honorable service in the United States Coast Guard. While serving our country, I suffered with anxiety and depression in silence. I stayed quiet out of fear. Fear of judgement, of shame, the possibility of losing my job, and ultimately the fear that no one would understand. I finally hit rock bottom and wound up in the hospital after suffering a major anxiety attack. It was the breakthrough I needed to begin my own transformation journey and a blessing in disguise that led to discovering my true self-worth and how to heal my life. My path to finding freedom transformed me so deeply that I decided to retire from a successful military career. Connecting to a new purpose, I became a certified Life & Health Coach, and am now serving the military community in a new way. I know there are far too many of you out there struggling to do it all, contemplating the decision of whether staying in the service makes sense anymore because you are overwhelmed, stressed and straight up burnt-out. But deep inside is a BURNING desire to step up and do what your heart is SCREAMING at you to do… to reclaim your personal power!





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